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William Shakespeare Webquest

Where was Shakespeare born?
Stratford- Avon, United Kingdom

What date was he born?
April 23, 1564

Whom did Shakespeare marry?
Anne Hathaway

What day did he die? What is unusual about this date?
He died April 23, 1616. That is unusual because that is St. George’s Day and 4 weeks prior to his death, March 25th he made his last will and Testament. It is like he knew he was going to die. He also died on the day of his birthday.

What did he leave his wife in his will?
He left their second best bed.

What were the two major religions in Elizabethan England?
Catholic and Protestant

Who dictated the favored religion?
Reigning Monarchs dictated the “favored religion”

Why did Queen Elizabeth I ban all performances of religious plays and stories?
She wanted to help stop the violence over religion.

What was the Elizabethan Period?
The age of the Renaissance of new ideas and new thinking.

When was this period?

What was the most significant invention of this time and why?
The printing press, it increased knowledge and learning, it was responsible for the interest in the difference sciences and inventions.

What did this lead to a renewed interest in?
The Supernatural (the classics)

What were the four humours and what were they associated with?
Phlegm or Pituita- water,winter,emotional,sensitive
Yellow bile- fire,summer,ambitious,energetic
Black bile- earth,autumn,thoughtful,reflective

How was Elizabethan class structure maintained?
Education was depended on financial and social class

Why were, students taught Latin?
Latin, is also the language of International affairs, and men of affairs are expected to be able to communicate in it.

What were girls from wealthy families educated in?
A girl had to learn how to govern a household a how to conduct herself in the social class into which her marriage would place her. Chasty.

What were the general feeling towards plays during this period in time?
Theatre had an unsavory reputation London authorities refused to allow plays within the city. So theatre’s opened across the Thames in South work outside the authority of the city.

What was the name of the most famous theatre in Elizabethan England?
The Globe

What happened to this theatre?
A cannon fired during a performance caught the root on fire and the building burnt to the ground.

Explain the seating arrangements in the most famous theatre.
Most people stood in the open pit before the stage, rich nobles could sit in a chair on the side of the stage. The upper class sat at the top and lower class sat closer to the bottom.

When did performances occur? Why?
In the afternoon from 2-5pm,because there was no artificial lighting

How many women performed in these plays?
No women because they weren’t allowed to.

What did the audience do if they didn’t like the performance?
They would throw any kind of food they could get their hands on at the actors. And yell insults.

How many words did Shakespeare invent?
Over 1700 words

List five words invented by Shakespeare that we use today.
Hurry,gloom,swagger,bedroom,generous,and sneak.

List three common sayings invented by Shakespeare that we use today.
In a pickle,stony-hearted, and The devil incarnate

How many plays did Shakespeare write?
37 plays

How many sonnets did Shakespeare write?
154 sonnets

Although no one really knows how Shakespeare died, what were the circumstances surrounding Shakespeare’s death?
He made his last will and testament it was like he knew he was going to die. He also died the same day the he was born and on St. George’s Day. He was very drunk. It’s believed that he had typhus the year he died. He also had a very high fever when he died.

List any Shakespearean work you have read or watched.
Julius Caesar, and Midsummer Night

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