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Claudius Essay Examples

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Outline for arts speech – story of Hamlet

IB TOK R3 1. Story of Hamlet A. Hamlet son of late king Claudius, mother remarried less than 2 months after her husband’s death. B. Ghost of late king visits Hamlet and tells him that the new king murdered him. C. Hamlet lashes out at everyone around him, including his love Ophelia. D. Hamlet plots…

How does Shakespeare present Ophelia

In “Hamlet” Shakespeare presents Ophelia as a helpless girl, who is continually manipulated by the men around her for their own gain. In many of his other plays the women are presented as strong and admirable people who play major roles in the live of the protagonist, such as Lady Macbeth in “Macbeth. ” In…

The notion of death seems to be the definite consequence

William Shakespeare’s Hamlet is an anecdote of love, tragedy and the demise of man. Inevitably, a story with so much conflict and turmoil will involve death to some degree, and Shakespeare’s expression of death is unimpeachable. The altercation of the characters is the driving force behind the ultimate tragedy that befalls the characters. This conflict…



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Hamlet is a self-obsessed

Throughout the course of the play, the character of Hamlet undergoes major upheaval, so a transition in his psyche is to be expected. One interpretation behind the reason for this transition is the one stated in the title (i. e. that he is a “self-obsessed, miserable typical teenager”); another may be that he is simply…

According to Aristotle

Laertes verbose and theatrical behaviour causes the audience to dislike him. Nevertheless, unlike Hamlet he is willing to seize revenge at the first opportunity. There are many different perspectives on how Shakespeare addresses the theme of revenge in Hamlet, and also whether it is done successfully. One criticism made by Catherine Belsey, undermines Shakespeare’s approach,…

Why does Hamlet delay?

Is it possible to take reasonable, effective and purposeful action? In Hamlet, the question of how to act is affected not only by logical considerations, such as the need for certainty, but also by emotional, ethical, and psychological factors. This in turn affects how the revenge is carried out. If we view Hamlet as a…

How does Hamlet deal with the revengers r&amp

Revenge is defined as “retaliation for an offence or injury”; Hamlet has two main reasons for needing revenge, political and moral. Politically he has to kill Claudius for the offence of denying Hamlet, the heir to the Danish kingdom, his usurped crown. He also has a moral reason, as the “son of a dear father…

Compare and contrast the approaches of Hamlet and Laertes to revenge

“… By the image of my cause, I see / The portraiture of his. ” Compare and contrast the approaches of Hamlet and Laertes to revenge. Hamlet is the son of the late king Hamlet and is grieving over his father’s unexpected death. Both Laertes and Hamlet are avengers, avenging their fathers’ murders. He also…

Comparing the revengers Fortinbras

For this essay I will be comparing the revengers Fortinbras, Laertes and Hamlet. They each have their own roles as separate characters in the play and each have similarities and differences. All have strong reasons for wanting revenge. Fortinbras’ being a combination of political reasons and vengeance for his fathers’ death, whist Laertes and Hamlet…

How does Shakespeare portray the female characters

When reading “Hamlet” it is clear that Shakespeare portrays women as weak objects that men use for their own purposes. Without the support of a man the women seem useless and not independent unlike the women of today, who are seen as independent and able to take care of themselves. Throughout “Hamlet” Shakespeare creates the…

Examine Shakespeare’s presentation

When Hamlet was first performed in 1601, England had been successfully ruled for forty-three years by Elizabeth I, a strong and influential monarch who reigned without a male counterpart, establishing England as one of the most powerful and prominent countries in the world. This is proof that women can be as successful as men; however…

Explore Shakespeare’s presentation

When exploring the parental relationships in Hamlet, the focus will inevitability lead back to the character of Hamlet. His connection, in one way or another, to the other characters allows one to observe Hamlet’s behaviour and motives. The relationships between Polonius and his children, Leartes and Ophelia, are recognized, but Hamlet’s filial relationships carry more…

Claudius, hateful villain or good king?

“Claudius makes a good king. He is a careful ruler and a loving husband, providing stability for both his country and wife. ” “Murderer of the rightful king, Claudius is the play’s hateful, lying villain. ” What justification is there in the text to support these two views? What is your opinion of the way…

‘I shall obey, my lord’

‘Where be his quiddities now, his qualities, his cases, his tenures, and his tricks? … … Is this the fine of his fines and the recovery of his recoveries, to have his fine plate full of fine dirt? Will his vouchers vouch him no more of his purchases, and double ones too, than the length…

Hamlets Madness

I do not believe that Hamlet is going mad nor insane. I think that he was just putting on an act of madness to convince people he was going insane in order to carry out his revenge on Claudius. If it wasn’t for Hamlet’s feigned madness the Claudius would have obviously known that something was…

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