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Atomic Bomb Controversy

Why did Leo Szilard want the Allies (US and Britain) to build the atomic bomb
It would serve as a deterrent to a Nazi Germany atomic bomb

Describe the role of Albert Einstein in creating the atomic bomb
Einstein wrote a letter to President FDR to encourage atomic bomb research

What was the Manhattan Project
a secret US program to build an atomic bomb aided by the British and Canadians

Who was General Leslie Groves
He was the Overall Leader of the Manhattan Project

Who was J. Robert Oppenheimer
the Scientific leader of the Manhattan Project

Why were the US officials skeptical of involving Oppenheimer in the development of the atomic bomb
he had pre- WWII associations with Communists

Describe the importance of Klaus Fuchs (= an exile from Germany who worked on MP for the British
He was a Soviet spy who gave important atomic secrets to the USSR, which allowed the Soviets to develop the bomb by 1949

Explain how various US invasions (Saipan, Normandy, Iwo Jima, Okinawa) influenced the US to use the atomic bomb
These US invasions had high casualty rates and most Japanese fought to the death; it led US leaders to want to use the bomb rather than experience a bloody invasion of mainland Japan

Explain how Tokyo firebombing influenced the influenced the use of the atomic bomb
Both the firebombings and atomic bombs targeted areas with large numbers of civilians; thus, there was no moral/ethical difference between them

Explain the role of General Anami played in keeping Japan from unconditionally surrendering
He was the head of Japanese army and was completely opposed to unconditional surrender

Up until WWII, which nation that was fighting the US had not suffered military defeat

Who said, “I am become death- shatterer of worlds”
Robert J. Oppenheimer said this after the first atomic bomb test in NM

What role did President Truman play in the use of the Atomic Bomb
He ordered the bomb to be used on Japan

Which nation did State Secretary Brynes hope to make more cooperative by using the bomb
USSR/ Soviet Union

Why did War Secretary Stimson want to prevent the use of the Atomic bomb on Kyoto
Kyoto was the religious and cultural center of Japan

What happened to the USS Indianapolis after it delivered one of the atomic bombs to the Tinian
It was sunk by a Japanese submarine and many of the initial survivors were killed by sharks

Describe the importance of the Enola Gay (commanded by Colonel Paul Tibbets)
It was the plane that dropped the atomic bomb on Japan

Besides the use of two atomic bombs, what other event encouraged Japan to finally surrender
Soviet invasion of Manchuria, (Which was controlled by Japan)

What important institution was retained by the Japanese despite their unconditional surrender
The Emperor/ Imperial Place… (with symbolic power)

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